Cross Country Race Results

CMC Haunted Hills Presented by On Running 2019 Race Results

XC Team, community members, spooks and Swoop haunt the forest, Oct. 27

Men’s College 6.66K

Place Name School Time
1 Chris Rohlf Colorado Mountain College 30:18.24
2 Jason Macaluso Colorado Mountain College 30:43.87
3 Caleb Neel Colorado Mountain College 36:43.32
4 Connor McDermott Colorado Mountain College 39:41.55

6.66K Mountain Bike Race

Place Name Gender Age City Time Bib
1 Matt Koch Male 17 Leadville 35:33.51 1466
2 Keegan Jacoves Male 17 Buena Vista 40:42.80 1473
3 Jim Pokrandt Male 66 Leadville 41:37.33 1475
4 Glenn Jacoves Male 52 Buena Vista 42:28.08 1472
5 Joe Meakim Male 14 Leadville 43:43.64 1470
6 Robert Meakim Male 48 Leadville 44:06.47 1469

1 Mile Fun Run

Place Name Gender Age City Time Bib
1 Kegan Forgensi Male 9 Leadville 9:14.26 1480
2 Rachael Woods Female 43 Leadville 9:15.62 1483
3 Tindra Forgensi Female 11 Leadville 9:15.75 1481
4 Max Forgensi Male 45 Leadville 9:17.98 1482
5 Selina Jennings Female 9 Littleton 9:27.63 1477
6 Tauriel Brungardt Female 4 Leadville 12:02.32
7 Karen Brungardt Female 40 Leadville 12:04.05 1483
8 Elizabeth Saunders Female Leadville 17:07.03 1486
9 Lori Jennings Female 51 Littleton 23:56.87 1479

6.66K Trail Run

Place Name Gender Age City Time Bib
1 Sam Saunders Male 32 Leadville 35:51.62 1485
2 Paul Macaluso Male 58 Vail 43:39.48 1467
3 Kelli McCall Female 42 Leadville 47:17.85 1474
4 Amy Smallwood Female 42 Leadville 48:33.50 1471
5 Simone Profus Female 29 Austria 50:52.25 1484
6 Kris Macaluso Female 52 Vail 51:16.00 1468
7 Jungsook Jennings Female 46 Littleton 52:52.39 1476
8 Bill Jennings Male 49 Littleton 52:52.97 1478

2019 UCCS XC Community Open Meet

School record broken again, strong running in the pack in Colorado Springs, Oct. 12

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The meet today in Colorado Springs (UCCS Open) was a huge success. We had five PRs and one near PR. The meet wasn't scored. Here are some highlights:

  • Jason broke his school record by over a minute. He ran a 27:49.2. He averaged nearly 5:33 miles. He ran an incredible race! He is going to be a force in the NJCAA next year, and the nation better watch out for our Vail speedster!
  • We had a strong pack in the middle with Chris, Caleb, and Jack. They ran incredibly well together.
  • Chris broke for 30 minutes for the first time in his career. He broke his PR by over 1.5 minutes. He took a risk and started faster than he normally does, and it paid off with a 29:25.6.
  • Caleb Neel ran a two minute PR with a 30:11.6. He finally felt perfect and almost broke 30 minutes. He was able to hold off a late challenge from a runner belonging to our rival, Trinidad State, to out kick him in the end.
  • Jack Setser ran 30:48.8 for a near one minute PR. Jack looked so relaxed in this race and you could tell from the start that today was his day.
    Our second pack worked really well together, too! Connor and Tyrone paced each other throughout the first half of the race.
  • Connor said that today wasn't his day, but his time 31:40.3 was just ten seconds over his PR. It was great to see him finish really strongly. I can't wait to see him running in the 29s next year!
  • Tyrone has been struggling with a calf injury the last three weeks. He has really struggled with running, and it has been frustrating for him. During the race, he bloodied his ankle and his Achilles with a cut from his opposite foot. His calf injury flared up after two miles. I asked him if he was OK to continue at that point, and he said, "No, but I am going to finish!" Not only did he finish, but he ran a 50 second PR to finish with a time of 32:37.4. When I found him at the finish line, he was covered in blood but smiling ear to ear!

This was our last big meet of our first season. I look at the work that they have all put in, the adversity that they have all overcome, and how they have come together as a group and that makes me beam. Coach Angela Dunn and I have not stopped smiling since 9:33 this morning after Tyrone finished (and I could breathe a sigh of relief). Those men were exactly what we needed in our first year. They are like brothers. They gelled so well. Each man was a critical cog in this team's machine. I cannot wait to see what they do at our final meet in Leadville at Haunted Hills, and what they will do next year for the Eagles! Go, CMCXC!

Dig deep and fly high!

- Coach Darren Brungardt

Roadrunner Invitational Race Results

CMC Eagles run hard at the Roadrunner Invitational in Denver on October 5

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What a day! Guys ran really well against strong competition. The team finished ninth out of ten teams and beat a NCAA Division III school. This is the first time in our program's history that we beat an NCAA team. Congrats!

  • Jason finished 66th overall. His time was just eight seconds slower than his previous best time.
  • Chris finished in a flurry and matched his time (to the millisecond) of what he ran at the last meet. He ran a 30:54.3 and finished 92nd overall.
  • Connor ran a big 33 second PR. He finished with a time of 31:29. He finished 94th overall.
  • Jack ran a huge five minute PR. His time of 31:44 was good enough for 98th overall.
  • Caleb had a great sprint finish with a time of 33:19. He is juts coming back from an OUT trip, too! He finished 106th overall.
  • Tyrone ran a 16 second PR with a 33:27. He has been battling an injury for the last two week and was able to finish 107th overall.

The multi-loop course was on all grass run through Denver's historic Washington Park. Temperatures were mild. The guys have been working really hard the last three weeks. It was great to see them work so well together throughout the entire race. We will continue working on our speed next week to race really fast next week. They are really excited to race next weekend at UCCS XC Open.

Race Day Photos

Joe I. Vigil Open Race Results

CMC cross-country team tops two colleges at Alamosa meet September 7

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Race Day Photos

10,000 Foot Invite Race Results

CMC Eagles finish their first sanctioned race before a hometown crowd August 31

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Race Day Photos

Team Results

Place School Points 6th Runner
1 Colorado College 18 8
2 Colorado Mtn. College 45 15
3 Independent No Score 0


Individual Results

Place Name Team YR Time Team Place
1 Tony Calderon CC Sr 29:41.4 1
2 Alex Willis IND 30:18.8
3 Max Blackburn CC Sr 30:28.9 2
4 Jason Macaluso CMC Fr 32:22.0 3
5 Paul Olsen CC Jr 32:46.9 4
6 Adam Mahler CC So 33:02.0 5
7 Jack Williams CC Sr 33:05.1 6
8 Sam Rodriguez CC So 33:16.9 7
9 Emerson Worrell CC Fr 33:19.0 8
10 Andrew West CC Sr 33:21.5