Colorado Mountain College Cross Country Team


Student athletes train and learn in Leadville, Colorado's outdoor ultra-sports mecca

It’s official! CMC has a collegiate cross country team.

CMC competes in the National Junior College Athletic Association. The men's course are 8K (approximately 5 miles).


Students at other CMC Campuses can participate

College runners can compete with CMC for two years, then transfer to a larger program. Students from any of CMC’s campuses can join and compete on the team. A runner not attending CMC Leadville can follow the workout schedule online, attend virtual meetings and travel for meets.

Members must attend school full-time (12 credits) and not have any previous college degrees.


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Running and training in Leadville

Home of the Leadville Trail 100 Run, Leadville is ground zero for high-elevation ultra-sports in the Colorado Rockies.

The CMC Leadville campus has out-the-door access to a beautiful and varied network of running, biking and skiing trails for students to explore. Miles of quiet, maintained paths criss-cross through an old growth pine forest, intersect the paved Mineral Belt Trail and access the extensive Timberline Trail System built and maintained by Leadville’s Cloud City Wheelers bicycling club.

The CMC Leadville Running Club has been active since 2016 stoking student and faculty passion for running and racing. Now, under Coach Darren Brungardt, Colorado Mountain College athletes will compete against two-year colleges of similar size in the Wyoming, Colorado and western Nebraska region.

CMC Leadville will also host races — a sure bucket list destination for mountain trail runners.

CMC men's cross country team huddles before a race
runners on top of Mosquito Pass near Leadville, CO
snowshoe racers on course in Leadville, CO

Jason Macaluso Top Eagle Finisher in Leadville

Jason Macaluso, with Coach Darren Brungardt, holds his third place trophy at the 10,000 Foot Invite in Leadville, August 31, 2019. Maculoso was the CMC Cross Country Team's top finisher for the men's 8K.

Interested in the CMC Cross County Team?

Contact Coach Brungardt for more information.